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Internet Advertising

MERIDIAN PG has invested heavily in our internet services as this is the fastest growing medium for property exposure. We ensure that we give our clients a national and international exposure 24 hours a day.

"9 out of 10 people use the internet as their main research tool when looking for a house to buy"

Nielsen Online, Australian Property Report 2008

MERIDIAN PG markets all our listed properties through 13 different real estate portals including the most high profile websites:

Media Advertising

MERIDIAN PG believes in providing the widest possible marketing for your property. Therefore, we regularly advertise through the local print media which includes the 'Express Examiner' and the 'Northern Star' newspapers and their associate real estate guides. Also,  from 'time to time', we advertise in 'national' publications such as the Daily Telegraph, The Land and The Courier Mail.

Window Advertising

MERIDIAN PG has the largest real estate window display in Casino.

Direct marketing

MERIDIAN PG has an extensive buyer database, with over 1,000 'qualified' buyers currently registered with us. When you list your property with us, every suitable buyer on our database is contacted immediately to give them the details of your property. In addition, we also design flyers for  'mail outs' informing all residents in the surrounding area of the new listing in case they, or someone they know, is interested in buying in the area.


A sign is a crucial part of any real estate marketing campaign. It is a '24 hour agent' advertising that the property is available. We find that many people drive around an area and will call our office specifically because they have seen one of our signs. Indeed, we have had many sales proceed with buyers who would not have called us if it were not for seeing our sign outside a property and being interested enough to contact us and ask for further information.

Auction Campaign

Where applicable, we are able to provide an extensive auction campaign for your property. If you are interested in finding out more about what this auction campaign can include, please contact one of our sales consultants. We would be only too happy to discuss an 'individually tailored' campaign in more detail, with you.

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