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In almost every case presenting your home in the best light is the key to achieving a quick sale at the best possible price. Here are a few tips to help you present your property to get the best result...


The first impression of a property is the most important so don't forget your exterior. Good "street" appeal can often be the make or break of whether you sell a property.

(a) Freshly paint all walls and railings if appropriate and wash all the windows.

(b) Make sure that your front door is pristine as this is one of the major focal points of a house.

(c) Ensure that the front yard is in its most presentable condition and that all lawns are mown, and all hedges and plants trimmed and well presented.

(d) Put away all tools and equipment as you are trying to portray the property as a place of rest and relaxation.

(e) Clean out your garage/car port - people need to imagine their car there, not be confronted with past treasures no longer used or wanted.


How you stage your interior will depend on the market you are aiming for, however there are some general principles though, will apply across the board:

(a) Remove all clutter - Tidy up throughout the property and where necessary put things into storage. The less clutter there is, the greater the space feels. For example, clearing out cupboards or having them neatly stacked will make them look bigger.

(b) Clean the property throughout - particularly the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are highly important factors in whether a buyer will show more interest in a property as they are the costliest things to change.

(c) Set the rooms as they should be used - make sure that the master bedroom is set like a master bedroom and doesn't have the kid's beds just because it happened to be the biggest room.

(d) General condition - finish off all the small jobs around the property that you have been putting off, for instance oil all of the door hinges, repair any dripping taps, or repaint any chipped paintwork. Make sure all the lights work and replace any faulty bulbs or switches, and place light shades where there are none.

(e) Make sure that the property as a whole is aired and smells attractive - for example get rid of animal odours, and cigarette or food smells from in the house.

(f) Finishing touches are important - think of ways to brighten up your home, for example making sure that all the mirrors and windows are all clean, and having fresh flowers throughout the house. Pot plants are a quick solution for outside the property, but a well tended garden over the long term is better.

The Inspection

(a) It is normally beneficial to vacate the property, particularly if it is being shown for the first time or it is an open house. Most buyers feel more relaxed when the owner is not present and it will enable them to imagine it as their own home.

(b) Where possible remove pets from the house, particularly those that would be loose within the property. Take them over to a neighbour or out for a walk yourself.

(c) If you are at your property whilst it is being shown:
-Allow the agent to direct proceedings.
-Be polite but avoid lengthy conversations unless the agent believes it would be beneficial.
-Don't apologise for anything in or around the property, you will only draw the buyer's direct attention to something negative they may not have seen or worried about previously.

(d) Finally, always keep the property in a state ready for a viewing to happen at short notice. Many buyers have limited timescales to view properties and often the property able to be shown at short notice will capture the most possible buyers.

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