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Selling Tips

In our experience people include buying and selling property as one of the most stressful things that they have to go through. We have therefore put together a few tips for sellers to ensure that much of the stress can be taken out of the equation and you can hopefully enjoy what should be a significant event in your life.

(1) Choosing an agency to sell your property

Choosing the right agent is a crucial decision as they will have both access to your property, as well as the responsibility of obtaining a buyer and negotiating a price for what is probably the most valuable asset you own. We would therefore recommend that you choose an agent based on the following criteria:

(a) Reputation - As an established agency throughout the region  we have built up a strong reputation with clients who trust us and value the service we provide. 

(b) Track Record - We consistently negotiate fantastic prices for our clients and over the last 12 months have consistently sold properties in Kyogle, Casino and throughout the surrounding villages and rural areas. To see some of the properties we have sold recently please click here.

(c) Marketing Exposure - At Meridian Property Group we provide a comprehensive marketing package of your choice for our clients. For more information talk to our sales staff.

It is easy to make a decision on which agent to use based on the price quoted or fee being charged, however it is far more important to have an agent that you trust and one that you feel understands your needs as this will always provide the best long term result for you.

(2) Presenting your Property For Sale

Property presentation is crucial in achieving the best possible price for your property. Meridian Property Group sales consultants are happy to discuss ways that you can improve the presentation of your property for minimal or no cost to maximise the impact your property has when it reaches the market. 

(3) Employ a Solicitor

Ensure from an early stage that you have a good solicitor or conveyancer arranged as you will rely heavily on their legal expertise and advice. Furthermore to sell a property in NSW the agent will need a prepared contract of sale from your solicitor prior to marketing commencing.

(4) Survey of Land

When selling land, particularly vacant land, it is worthwhile having a survey carried out by a qualified surveyor to ensure that the boundaries of the land are clearly marked out. This will enable buyers to make educated decisions and save on potential disputes down the track.

(5) Offers

We have a legal obligation to present all offers to our client. Please consider all offers carefully and discuss in detail with your agent. Throughout the sales process they will be able to advise you of the merits of each offer in relation to the individual buyer and the state of the local property market in general.

(6) Expediency

Once an offer has been accepted and a sale has been agreed, the shorter the time between acceptance and exchange of contracts the better. This is because at this stage the buyer can still withdraw from the purchase for any reason. Therefore it is important for a seller to both drive their solicitor forward and utilise their agent in any way that they can.

(7) Moving Checklist

Prior to settlement it is important to have your removals arranged. However there are a number of other things that need to be arranged such as electricity and/or gas disconnection and reconnection at your new address,  mail forwarding, telephone and internet transfer, austar to name a few. We are happy to assist you in these matters, Please talk to our sales staff once exchange takes place.

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